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Sustainable fishing methods

The Norwegian coast is rich in Brown crab. The fishing boats does not take use of all the quotas, so the specie is not endangered.

The fishermen employ the traditional pot-fishing method, which minimizes the impact on the natural habitat of local shellfish allowing them to reproduce and grow in clean, untouched environment.

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Only rest raw material

Our product has a large positive environmental impact and a very low carbon footprint as we only use rest raw materials, which traditionally have been a waste problem, in our production. This is circular economy at its best.

100% traceability

All our shellfish products can be traced back to where its harvested with a LOT number. We have full transparency in all of our operations.

Healthy food

The world needs more and healthier food. Nutrishell will produce premium powder that has a superior taste and is very nutritious.

Home safe every day

In Nutrishell, health and safty of our employees and suppliers is the highest priority, everywhere and in all our activities.

Optimalized energy consumption

Our production facility has a very high performance in relation to the energy used.