Our story

Nutrishell is a Norwegian biotechnology company processing marine rest raw material into new products. We have our pilot production facility in Hitra, Norway and are expanding.

December 2022

Founding support from The Regional Research Council of Norway

Founding support from The Regional Research Council of Norway for a new R&D project within the blue/green industry.

October 2022

Innovation Norway financially supports us

Innovation Norway financially supports us on a 20 MNOK budget project where we continue our further research on animal health and welfare.

August 2022

Construction of our new production plant starts

March 2022

New R&D projects with total budgets exceeding 10 MNOK

Founding support from Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway for two R&D projects with total budgets exceeding 10 MNOK.

February 2022

New production facility

The planning of our new production facility at Hitra has kicked off  “this marks an important milestone for all of us, and especially the employees at Hitra, and we look forward to move our production to a new and high-tech production facility”  Says CEO Tina Olaussen.

February 2022

Agreement securing high volumes of rest raw material

New long term agreements securing volumes of rest raw materials from factories in the seashell industry.

December 2021

Sales and partnership agreement with Skretting

Signed agreement with leading fish-feed company Skretting , which will use Nutrishell Aqua, our find grained crab powder, in their diets produced by Skretting.

November 2021

First large animal feed trial

Large trial using our crab powder in new diets for animals begins. The trial marked a new chapter in our R&D.

Fall 2021

Approval and production of first batch

Approval granted from the Norwegian Food safety authorities (Mattilsynet) and first batch produced.

August 2021

Assembly of test production line started

Construction and assembly of our fist production line kicked off at Hitra.

February 2021

2,8 MNOK funding commitment

Founding support from Innovation Norway relate to building a pilot factory and R&D  “this support is an important contribution to realize our factory to translate rest raw material into high-end nutritional products” says CEO Tina Olaussen.

January 2021

Signed agreement with Hitramat

Under the agreement, Hitramat will supply 100 per cent of its rest raw materials to our planned factory in Hitra.


The Nutrishell projects was established

The Nutishell Project was founded as a spin-off from Kystmiljø AS (Nutrishell has same owners as Kystmiljø) to establish a solution to produce high end and sustainable Nutrients from rest raw materials from shellfish, which was not utilized.


The idea was created

The idea of developing products out of pristine rest raw material came to the teams minds one day in the summer of 2019. The Seafood Industry, Norwegian government and the EU had indicated that we have to utilize the Marine rest raw material in a better way to make the seafood industry more environmental friendly.